Ongoing / Personal Project

Carving simple household objects from reclaimed wood has lately become a favorite pastime of mine.

Creating things with your hands isn’t only a nice change from working with a computer, it’s also surprisingly satisfying and meditative. I discovered wood carving during my first year as a master student, on a field trip where we learnt about sustainable production. The same year the storm Alfrida passed over my family’s summer cottage and fell many trees which I could use as material for this new hobby.

After having split the wood into workable pieces I let the the shape and size of the material dictate what object to make. Depending on the complexity of the shape I use Illustrator to draw one or two silhouettes of the object. Once I’m happy with the the shape I print the silhouettes and trace them onto the work piece to use as guides while carving. I then rough out the shape with an axe before moving on to more refined cuts with a carving knife and a spoon knife. To complete the piece I sand it and seal it with wax or oil.

Finding material

So far I’ve been lucky to salvage plenty of material by simple keeping my eyes open while being outside. Trees in cities are regularly pruned and storms are often strong enough to break branches. Most people are also happy to give you any material that is left over when pruning trees in their garden.