Project Description

2019 / Personal project

Following the storm Alfrida I salvaged a juniper tree and gave it a second life by carving it into tools that can be used for years to come.

Working with your bare hands isn’t only a nice change from working with a computer, it’s also surprisingly satisfying and meditative. I discovered wood carving during my first year as a master student, on a field trip where we learnt about sustainable production. The same year the storm Alfrida wrecked havoc at my family’s summer cottage which provided me with fresh material for this new hobby.

After having chopped the wood into workable pieces I let the the shape and size of the material dictate what tool to make. I used Illustrator to draw the tools, the first one being a spatula and derived the next two, a scoop and a ladle, from the same shapes and proportions. I then printed the sketches and traced them onto the work pieces before carving them out with a knife and a spoon knife.