2022 / Manyone

Minimax is an interactive handheld projector with spatial and object tracking capabilities, designed to explore the potential of open-source hardware

By invitation from the Danish Design Center Manyone participated in the OpenNext project. An EU funded program with the aim of exploring an open-source approach to hardware and business development. The aim of the project team was to prototype and refine a workflow for tech innovation that leverages the power of open source development to foster ideas. The fast paced prototypes were built at the local Maker Space, close to Manyone’s Copenhagen office. The project resulted in the creation of a new modality of interactive projection, were Manyone designed the full experience from concept and branding to industrial design and software.

Danish Design Center

Industrial Design

Visual direction by Guillermo Callau and Casper Heijkenskjöld


We’re rapidly moving into a new age of hardware development. One where global collaboration, rapid prototyping and new manufacturing methods are challenging the status quo. We wanted to use our participation in the OpenNext program to dive into this world and develop a new type of interactive media device using the open source framework developed by OpenNext.

Design Process

We started the design process by establishing a brand strategy including experience drivers and a visual direction. With the strategy as a foundation we began researching the technology and identifying the components required to achieve the desired features. In parallel to specifying the technical package we developed the housing and shape of the device using foam models, CNC-milling and additive manufacturing. The process was publicly documented on the Wikifactory platform.