2018 / Personal project

Canvas A20 is a standalone audio workstation that lets musicians play and sequence their virtual instruments without being tied to a computer screen.

The development of digital audio workstations has brought the tools of professional audio production into the homes of the common person. Affordable Virtual Studio Technology (VSTs) can emulate the sound of expensive studio hardware while occupying no physical space. However, they do not offer the tactile experience of a physical instrument. Canvas A20 attempts to give home studio musicians a way to physically interact with their digital VSTs in a convenient and musically inspiring way.

Defining and listing the necessary interactions for the product formed the starting point of the design process. Based on the list of interactions I designed the GUI and made decisions on what inputs and outputs was needed. With the GUI and connections in place I began exploring what physical forms could accommodate the functions of the product. After deciding on a direction I transferred my sketches to CAD to create the final design.